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Born and Raised

Your direct partnership with local, organic farmers.

Support Georgia farmers when purchasing your groceries through regular deliveries of organic produce, meat, dairy, and artisan items to your door.

Here's how it works

Parnter Farms


Fresh Harvest partner farmers harvest your produce.

Load Your Basket


We load up your basket and deliver it directly to your door.

Gather Around


You gather around the table with friends & family to share a meal.

This Week's Harvest

Week of April 16th

                • Garlic Chives
                • Green Onions
                • Mint
                • Italian Parsley
                • Thyme
                • Tatsoi
                • Pac Choi
                • Tokyo Bekana

        • Astro Arugula
        • Cilantro
        • Little Gem Lettuce
        • Bright Lights Chard

          • Guardsman Scallions
          • Leeks
          • Salanova Lettuce

            • Stoneground Grits
            • Cornmeal
            • Polenta
          • Noble Spinach
          • Salad Radish Mix

              • Round Radishes
              • Guardsman Scallions
              • Radish Microgreens
              • Astro Arugula

            • Bright Lights Chard

            • Grape Tomatoes
            • Green Bell Peppers
            • Zucchini

            • Larry Anne Plums
      • Marrs Oranges

      • Portobello
      • White Button
      • Cremini
      • Shiitake

            • Carrots
            • Green Kale
            • Mustard Greens

              • Lacinato Kale
              • Collards 
              • Romaine
              • Little Gem Lettuce
              • Beet Greens

            • Yukon Gold Potatoes

        • Kiwi

        • Broccoli

            • Gala Apples

          • Carrots
          • Red Kale

          • Abate Fetel Pears

          • Bartlett Pears
          • Red Pears

“We aim beyond organic to regenerative agriculture. It's good for the soil, the animals, and our health. And I'd rather put my money in my food than my doctor!”

Together we form an ethical food hub creating sustainable change.

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