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We strive to promote honor with the first fruits of all that passes through our hands. Since 2012, Fresh Harvest has been a small group of friends creating an ethical food hub in Georgia. We care about food and people, and we've felt the benefits of knowing the people behind the food.

We love shaking hands with the same farmers every week as we build our businesses together. We get pumped when we hear kids yell, "The harvest guy is here!" as we deliver your basket to your door. We want to help Atlanta find transparent connection to the harvests of the earth beneath our feet. Located and living in the refugee resettlement city of Clarkston, we love to employ our neighbors, develop our garden space, and host cookouts on the weekends. Let's hang out at the Fresh Harvest Garden or a Share the Harvest Market some time.

The Crew


Zac Harrison


Zac co-founded FH back in 2012 after a cross country motorcycle trip landed him on an organic farm. Cooking over a fire with Lauren and Catcher is his favorite thing.


David Melton

Sales Director

David leads the charge that supports the whole company. He believes meals should be slow and eggs should be scrambled.


Alison Burnett

Garden Manager

A space for growing produce and community has been a dream for FH that Alison is making a reality. Her farming knowledge seeps into every aspect of our culture.


Daniel Pope

Retention Strategist

Daniel values empathy and the importance of details. He's mindful of each customer, advocating for quality products and experiences. He’s also our resident beekeeper.


Nick Terry

Logistics Manager

Nick brings the energy and keeps the machine running in tip top shape. Every growing company needs an adaptable specialist at the helm.


Jenna Amburgy

Customer Service Manager

Serving people well is a fundamental belief around here. Jenna leads the charge with knowledge and grace.


Thomas Belcher

Sales Rep & Fleet Manager

First a customer, now a full-time advocate. Thomas helps spread the word about FH and engage Atlanta in the local food movement.


Joe Spiccia

Relationship Manager

Joe is our personal connection to each farm & artisan. He spends time working side-by-side with each farmer, building relationships, and making sure we represent local food well.


Jessica Darnell

Basket Artist

Jessica's artistic touch is on every single basket. She creates our weekly newsletter and helps develop the overall FH design.

Momma Fay

Momma Fay

Boss Of All Things

Momma Fay has held down the fort since the early days of basket creation. Banana pudding is her language of love.


Talib Abu

Quality Specialist

Talib is wonderfully picky. Knowing eight languages and having a knack for convincing people to buy anything he's selling, he heads up sales at the Share the Harvest Market.


Christina Say

Artisan Specialist

Every item the local artisans make for your baskets passes through Christina's hands.

Mary Lin

Mary Lin

Produce Specialist

Mary Lin oversees every piece of fruit that comes down the packing line. Being one of the most connected people in Clarkston, she also helps run the Share the Harvest Market.

Bo Shi Shi

Bo Shi Shi

Produce Specialist

Everyone doesn't love everyone, but everyone loves Bo. He is a stickler for freshness, and keeps our packing line churning out baskets each week.

Mea Paw

Mea Paw

Produce Specialist

Mea Paw never stops. She joyfully helps fulfill every customer's order with precision.

Hsa Eh

Hsa Eh

Produce Specialist

Hsa Eh has the uncanny ability to bring laughter to the packing line every morning at 5am--a true gift.


Casper Dube

Produce Specialist

Casper carefully weighs and inspects each item before it's placed into your basket. He truly cares about each and every customer.


Aaron Jones

Basket Deliverer

Aaron is constantly redefining what it means to provide a quality delivery experience week after week.


Willis Norman

Basket Deliverer

Willis is our resident painter and photographer. He also has a knack for financials and happens to be an insanely efficient basket deliverer.


Sulaiman Abdulai

Basket Deliverer

Warm greetings are a crucial part of our driver training. Sulaiman is the model on which we have built this mentality.


Michael DeLeon

Basket Deliverer

Michael is a veteran driver, helping us deliver your baskets on time, everytime. He's also a life-long musician, first performing at ten years old in front of thirty thousand people.


Dim Lun

Garden Helper

Her little boy loves the dirt as much as she does. Together they tag team daily chores and represent the kind of love & community we hope to embody at our garden.

Dim No

Dim Zam

Garden Helper

"Dim No" is the type of person that immediately brightens your day when you see them--5 feet tall, sporting a backwards baseball cap and a contagious smile.


San Cing

Garden Helper

Oh San, our youngest helper. When our backs give out, she just keeps going. We are so glad to have her help as we shape the FH garden.


We all have a food story. Our hope is that connection and communion abound in every basket.

The Inspiration Behind the Basket

Where the idea for “The Basket” began.


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