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What is ethical eating?

It means we make informed, and, therefore, impactful decisions about where our food comes from.



Farmer Profile

Last year, before we started working with Fresh Harvest, we had 4 staff on the farm. This summer we’ll have 14. Those tasty strawberries are providing jobs and expanding our ethical food system!

- Dave, Red Earth Farms

Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Summer is such a fun growing season in GA! Currently some of the local goodness includes: bluberries, sliced tomatoes, peaches, cherry tomatoes, nectarines, cucumbers, green beans, and mini seadless watermelons.


The Cold Hard Facts
Who doesn’t like to save time and money?

41 Avg time (minutes) per grocery trip

1.5 Trips to the store per week

7.5 Value in $ (based on a national survey) of our time per hour

31 Dollars per month in time spent grocery shopping

So between our free delivery service and your time saved, you're geting the value of one "free" basket per month!


Cayenee Powder

Hot! Hot! Hot

We’ve had some cayenne peppers this summer which are muy caliente! One option is to make cayenne powder for easonings. Simply dry them out, grind them up, and add to seasonings.

Cayenne Powder:
1. Clean
2. Cut off stems
3. Remove seeds
4. Cut in half
5. Dry until crisp (hang, dehydrate, or bake at 225 for 8hrs)
6. Grind (Coffee, grinder, magic bullet)


Healthy Fun Facts
Foods that don't expire contain unnatural preservatives, additives, and chemical that deteriorate your body. Produce grown with pesticides may contain 1/3 as many nutrients as organically grown produce. Te reason is that pesticides kill good bacteria in the soil and prevent that bacteria from digesting inorganic materials in the soil and delivering those nutrients to the plant.



Share the Harvest

We recently started a weekly farmers market for our refugee neighbors down the rouad. Our hope is tha we can provide healthy, local food options to these families (at highly subsidized prices). As part of the Fresh Harvest family, our customers play a huge role in allowing this to happen with every basket delivered. It's been an amazing start!

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