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Break Room Basket

How does this effect your office's wellness program?

  • Is your corporate wellness program, well, keeping people well? Or is it just covering them once they get sick? How about we all just save our health, time, and money from the beginning by consuming healthy produce.
  • Breaks on health insurance costs. We know that your company has a great interest in lowering its health insurance premiums. Well, the healthier your employees, the lower those premiums will be and we'd love to help.
  • Employee satisfaction is guaranteed. Research shows that regular healthy snacks keep metabolism, energy, and productivity high. Many new employees may be attracted to your company because of a service like FH. It is scientifically proven that consuming healthy energy dramatically increase a person's productivity.
  • Most corporate wellness programs are built around weight loss. This mentality leads to extreme diets that deplete energy rather than supply it. Bring energy and excitement to your wellness program, and build camaraderie around each individual's health goals.
  • Why don't we eat healthy at the office? We're tired. We're in a hurry. We're humans built on habits so we grab what's convenient. Fast food, coffee runs, and vending machines fill our time and our bellies. But what if healthy was convenient? Now the earth can be your vending machine. At FH, we want to enhance your personal vitality and productivity every day by bringing the farm to your desk.
  • Make your office eco-efficient. One truck for 200 people is the most green way to get your greens.

How do you get a BREAK ROOM Basket?

If you want a Break Room Basket for the entire office, just click below. Your office just acquired personal produce insurance.

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Take The Farm Home

If you want all of your employees to be able to take their own customizable basket home with them, then send us an email or give us a call at 770-847-6630 and we'll make sure to get you all the info you need. There is no delivery fee.  There is no long term commitment (every person only pays for the basket that shows up the week of the delivery).

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Where do we deliver?

Break Room Basket

Long walk to the car?

Working in a high rise with a hike to the car? After a long day at work, let us help you make it easy on yourself when you go to carry your FH basket to the car. Plus, we've heard they're next season's fashion statement.

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