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The Crew

Fresh Harvest is simply a group of people from the state of Georgia and for the state of Georgia.

We like sharing meals and growing herbs on our front porch. We love shaking hands and saying, "See you next week," to farmers. We love packing your baskets as if they were Christmas presents and answering the question, "What is a pluot?" hundreds of times. We want to serve our city. We want to get to know you so that we can best meet your needs. We get really pumped when we hear kids yell, "The harvest guy is here," on the other side of your front door. We strive to promote honor with the first fruits of all that passes through our hands.

Inspiration behind the basket

We are Fighters

We fight against poor eating habits and poor health. We make healthy, local food accessible and convenient.

We are Laborers

We labor for the harvest of produce and people. We labor for the good of our clients and our partner farmers. Physically, we labor to gather and deliver the highest quality products. Spiritually, we labor for the story of Jesus.

We are Givers

We gain profits for the purpose of strategically addressing poverty and intentionally neighboring with the people in our community.


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