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Beyond Organic Farmers

Beyond Organic Farms

Our farmers practice restorative farming which enriches their soil and their surrounding communities for generations to come. 

We work with small family organic farms. Our local farmers crop plan from year to year with our customers in mind. They grow highly diverse crops for the healthiest ecosystem, while also cover cropping and resting their land.

"Even though it seems like a loss in revenue in the short term, sustainable farming without the use of synthetic chemicals is always worth it in the long run.”

- Matt Fry of Fry Farm 

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Local Food Community

Over 80% of what we buy throughout the year is grown within 70 miles of Atlanta. By focusing on local growers, we:

  • Reduce fuel emission of shipping cross-country.

  • Support Georgia's agricultural economy.

  • Connect people with farmers and their stories.

  • Create a community in Atlanta of people passionate about eating ethically.

"It's important to me that food is about community. Meeting the farmers and artisans that feed me makes me trust them even more.”

- Callie, FH Customer 

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Local Food Community

Refugee Job Creation


Located in the refugee resettlement city of Clarkston, we're setting our roots throughout the community in a few ways:

  • Refugees make up 70% of the FH team.

  • Our customers allow us to subsidize produce for our weekly Share the Harvest market in the heart of Clarkston.

  • Several of our employees have gone from "refugee" status to "American citizen" status while working here!

It's a joy to learn from, employ, and share life with our diverse group of neighbors!

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10% of the food supply is wasted at the retail level in order to keep shelves fully stocked.

By telling our farmers exactly what we need, they harvest just enough to fulfill our next week's orders. That means at the end of the delivery week, our coolers are empty.

Any produce that doesn't make the delivery cut gets composted at our garden and goes back into the ground to fertilize more organic veggies.

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Food Waste Alleviation

Reusable Packaging

REusable packaging

All of our packaging is reusable. The bin, foil, and ice blanket are washed and reused every week.

This basket has been in circulation for 7 years and reused at least 364 times. That's 364 ice packs, insulating foils, and cardboard boxes NOT filling a landfill. And that's the impact of just one customer!

Multiply that thousands of times over, year after year, and see that our community's waste reduction in Metro Atlanta is significant. Trashing your packaging is more convenient than reusing it, but has serious consequences.

Our customers are participating in a system where the convenience of home delivery is actually contributing to a cleaner planet.

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