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Since 2012, Fresh Harvest has been a small group of friends creating an ethical food hub in Georgia.

We love shaking hands with the same farmers every week as we build our businesses together. We get pumped when we hear kids yell, "The harvest guy is here!" as we deliver your basket to your door. We want to help Atlanta find transparent connection to the food from the earth beneath our feet. Located and living in the refugee resettlement city of Clarkston, we love to work with our neighbors from all over the world, develop our garden space, and host cookouts on the weekends. Let's hang out at the Fresh Harvest Garden or a Share the Harvest Market some time.


Mary Lin

Mary Lin

Assistant Warehouse Manager

Mary Lin does it all from packing to translating. Being one of the most connected people in Clarkston, she also helps run the Share the Harvest Market.


Eh Bleh

Packing Team Lead

Eh (pronounced "A") is so driven we have to remind him to slow down. He started as prep team manager and now oversees every basket that comes down the assembly line.


Ree Paw

Add Ons Team Lead

Ree Paw is in charge of organizing and keeping track of our inventory. Outside of work, she runs her own small farm--raising chickens, ducks, and pigs.


Lucy Mekourou

Artisan Specialist

Lucy would tell you she truly loves work. It's safe to assume that appreciation for hard work comes from her journey to Clarkston from her home in Haiti.


Htoo Hai

Artisan Specialist

The artisan team is responsible for every item you add to your produce basket. From eggs to bread to chocolate, Htoo is your guy. Like many others on our team, he's a huge soccer fan.

Yellow Bird

Yellow Bird

Artisan Specialist

When you're originally from Thailand and your name is Yellow Bird, you naturally have the respect and intrigue of your peers. One day, Yellow Bird will have a podcast and we'll be listening.


Willy Htoo

Cooler Captain

I mean, look at that smile.  Willy is a locomotive of hustle and happiness.  He is an example to all of us about how to work hard and support those around you.

Saw Oo

Saw Oo

Line Captain

There is a rhythm to each day at FH and it all starts with the Line Captain. Saw Oo keeps us on time and on schedule, and he plays a mean electric guitar.


Marie Mekourou

Produce Specialist

Marie and her brother Christian are originally from Cameroon. Her love of cooking brings an extra level of care for every produce item she is responsible for.


Lovetee Cooper

Produce Specialist

Lovetee is a quiet spirit, but her smile says everything there is to know. She's a huge part of making each basket beautiful as it goes out the door.



Produce Specialist

Lah is everyone's bff.  She is always looking for extra ways to help all of us that work alongside her.



Produce Specialist

Tway is far and away our best dressed packer.  Her attention to detail keeps our packing line in tip top shape.



Produce Specialist

Thoe packs thousands of veggies every day and also has an artistic eye for bunching all of the greens that come from our garden to make beautiful bouquets of food.

Di Na Paw

Di Na Paw

Produce Specialist

Di Na is specifically focused on all the fruit that comes your way.  She has such a willing spirit and we all feel encouraged working alongside her.

Di Eh Paw

Di Eh Paw

Produce Specialist

Di Eh is a master-weigher of all of your veggies.  Her bright smile and even brighter hats bring joy to every packing morning.



Produce Specialist

With a warm smile and singing voice, Dawayrue brings joy to the earliest of packing mornings. Originally from Liberia, we are grateful she made her way to the FH crew.

Aye Ju Paw

Aye Ju Paw

Produce Specialist

Like many others, Aye Ju is a loving mother first. Their family was resettled here from Thailand and now she works with her sisters Di Eh and Di Na to perfect each basket.

Bway Gay

Bway Gay

Produce Specialist

Bway Gay is from Mae La, the largest refugee camp for Karen refugees in Thailand. Before coming to Clarkston she was a teacher, which provides valuable leadership on the team.


Christian Mekourou

Produce Specialist

Christian started as a High School intern at the Fresh Harvest garden. Now he and his sister, Marie, are two of the youngest members of the produce packing team.


Kway Paw

Produce Specialist

Kway Paw came to Clarkston from Burma like many others from the Karen people group. Trying several veggies for the first time makes her attention to detail second to none. Her new favorite is Roma tomatoes.


Eh Salah

Produce Specialist

The music might be loud but our packing mornings are all business. Eh Salah brings the energy that helps us finish strong. And somehow she still has some left to play soccer after work.


Mue See

Produce Specialist

Mue See is like the Fresh Harvest mamma bird. She keeps us in line and you can't miss her big personality!

Say Naw

Say Naw

Prep Team

When Say Naw told us her favorite things to do are cook and clean she was hired on the spot. An appreciation for good food and an eye for cleanliness are intangible qualities when preparing for a morning of packing.

She Mu

Prep Team

She Mu has always loved gardening. Both at home in Burma and here in Clarkston. That agricultural knowledge and experience absolutely makes us better at what we do.

Sui You Paw

Prep Team

The Prep Team might be the best addition we've ever made, redeeming countless hours. With a genuine heart of a servant, Sui Paw sets the stage so that others can succeed.

Law Kwa Htoo

Prep Team

Law makes sure we stay on schedule, which is no small task. He is originally from Mae La, a refugee camp in Thailand. He loves to play soccer and he's a big fan of the 5 stripes!

Christina Say


If the FH packing team was a family tree, Christina and her sister Mary Lin would be the matriarchs. Her experience at every position means that mistakes never make it past the line.

Blay Wah


Blay has a gift of encouraging those around her simply with her presence. When it comes to checking each basket and motivating the team you couldn't ask for more.

Pko Ku


Pko Ku grew up in a refugee camp in Thailand until resettling in Clarkston. Very quietly and methodically, she has a knack for ensuring each basket is perfect.

Josh Deaton

Produce Procurement Specialist

Josh heads up produce purchasing and inventory.  His other super powers include running a 4 minute mile and building his electric bike.

Hai Paw

Basket Finisher

The coveted "freebie" lies in the hands of Hai and Poe. We all like free veggies but the real value these guys bring is ensuring we have zero waste.

Poe Say

Basket Finisher

Poe and Hai have joint bio's because they're both from Thailand and enjoy soccer and music. Basket Finishers, like twins, share each others thoughts too.

Hay Hay Tha

Night Crew

Hay Hay is originally from Thailand, and his parents also work at FH. Depending on how you look at it, Night crew is the last step, or first step to every day. Either way, this band of renegades keeps us moving on schedule.

Hsa Eh

Night Crew

Hsa Eh wants to start his own business one day and we hope to help him get there. He's a former high school baseball player, and brings a lot of energy to the team!


Chris Claburn

Warehouse Manager

Chris runs the show on everything within those four walls. He keeps operations running like a top and people sane with his cool and collected personality.


Mohamad "Babu" Amin

Basket Deliverer

Babu is known on our team by his work ethic. He prides himself in being able to physically keep up with the demands of delivering your groceries!

Thay Lar

Basket Deliverer

Thay, who is originally from Myanmar, has been in the U.S. for thirty years now. He has spent about the same amount of time fishing at his favorite spots.



Basket Deliverer

Kassim would honestly rather be working than resting so he welcomes a big delivery day any time.



Basket Deliverer

Referred to work at Fresh Harvest by his younger brother, Hassan. Yassin is a driver helper with a passion to do things the right way.

Ta Dee

Ta Dee

Basket Deliverer

Ta Dee provides a little humor to the team with his big personality. When he's not working he loves to play soccer.



Basket Deliverer

Originally from Burma, Hussein has been in the U.S. for about 5 years. He is a father, a hard worker and has a funny personality. He taught himself how to read and write English, so he can thrive in his new land.


Aaron Jones

Basket Deliverer

Aaron is a veteran FH driver who brings leadership to the team. He might be a race car driver in his spare time but it's only the focus, not the speed, that he applies to his day job.


Aung Tun

Basket Deliverer

Aung Tun is originally from a refugee camp in Thailand. He has four kids and easily has the best hair at Fresh Harvest.


Oh Moo

Basket Deliverer

There are several talented musicians on our team and Oh Moo is no exception. He is originally from Thailand and has a willingness to work hard that is unparalleled.

Aung Htway

Basket Deliverer

Aung grew up in Umpiem Mai, a refugee camp in Thailand near the border of Burma. He has a simple, yet profound, mantra for his life: Do good, Be good, Keep smiling.


Essam Mohammed

Basket Deliverer

Essam is from Eritrea, a small country in northeast Africa on the Red Sea. He has a calm and inviting personality making him an invaluable part of the driver crew.


Kyaw Sway

Basket Deliverer

The world gets a little smaller when Kyaw, from Burma, wears his yellow 'Atlanta GA' hat every day. He delivers around his new home with pride and customers appreciate him for it.


Karim Nassim

Basket Deliverer

Karim "The Dream" has an infectious personality that garners love from coworkers and customers alike. His claim to fame is delivering weekly to one of Atlanta's A-List rappers.


Ta Lei

Basket Deliverer

Drivers are the last step in this simplified local food supply chain. They represent the farmer and the rest of the FH crew. You couldn't ask for a better representative than Ta Lei.


Yaakob Haran

Basket Deliverer

Like several other drivers, Yaakob is from Burma and was resettled in Clarkston along with his family. He loves to work and it shows every day both in his performance and attitude.


Gary Blythe

Basket Deliverer

His real name is Garfield so what's not to love? Raised in Brooklyn, he comes from a Jamaican family. Thomas, our Fleet Manager, is also from Brooklyn so they have a natural connection that strengthens our team.


Gay Ro Moo

Basket Deliverer

Like several others on the team, Gay is from a refugee camp in Thailand. As one of our youngest drivers, it's only fitting that his favorite hobby is gaming.


Thomas Belcher

Director of Fleet

First a customer, now a full-time advocate. Thomas has led our delivery team to a whole new level. He's committed to making deliveries a seamless, positive experience for customers & drivers alike.


Alison Burnett

Chief Operating Officer

A space for growing produce and community has been a dream for FH that Alison is making a reality. Her farming knowledge makes her the perfect person to oversee all things operational.


Daniel Pope

Director of Artisan Procurement

Daniel brings a strategic lens to our operations and business decisions, representing the local food community in an authentic way. He's also our resident beekeeper.


Dim No

Dim Zam

Share the Harvest Market Grower & Seller

"Dim No" brightens your day when you see her - 5 feet tall, sporting a backwards baseball cap and a contagious smile. She helps run our Share the Harvest market, selling her own produce!

Dim Lun

Dim Lun

Garden Helper

You'll often find Dim Lun at the garden with her little one playing in the dirt nearby. She embodies our hope to spread an appreciation for the land beneath our feet to the next generation.


Cody Burnett

Garden Manager

Cody is the champ that (rain or shine) keeps the FH Garden running. Sporting dinosaur earrings, flowing locks & over a decade of farming experience, he's the perfect fit for the job.

Growth & Customer Support

Jeremy Reese

Customer Service Associate

Jeremy loves to provide a delightful customer experience that makes someone's day brighter. We love it when he brings his ukulele to events and he's always up for a round of Settlers of Catan!


Betani King

Senior Customer Service Associate

Serving people well is a fundamental belief around here. Betani leads the charge with knowledge and grace.

Jennifer Roger

Customer Service Team Lead

Jennifer is driven by a love of helping people, and she is a great advocate for our customers! If you catch her during a break, she is always up for talking about music (from indie rock to metal) and gaming!


Joe Spiccia

Grocery Sales Director

Joe is our personal connection to each farm & artisan. He spends time working side-by-side with each farmer, building relationships, and making sure we represent local food well.


David Melton

Director of Business Development

David leads the charge that supports the whole company's growth. He believes meals should be slow and eggs should be scrambled.


Paula Seville

Marketing Manager - Content & Operations

Paula's passion for storytelling and local food helps reach the folks who later say they only wish they had found Fresh Harvest sooner.


Dana Bourke

Chief Marketing Officer

Dana leads the way in ensuring we serve our customers with such precision and care that they can't help but tell their friends. She has a knack for problem solving and makes a mean sourdough loaf.



Zac Harrison


Zac started FH back in 2012 after a cross country motorcycle trip landed him on an organic farm. Cooking over a fire with Lauren, Catcher & Ever is his favorite thing.

Living Connected

For us, our work isn't just about what we do, but also how we do it and who we do it with.

The Inspiration Behind the Basket

Where the idea for “The Basket” began.


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