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The Secret Ingredient

Atlanta is on the rise and local agriculture is playing a huge part in that growth. Food is central to our families and our communities, so shouldn't we expect it to be good? 

With the intention to celebrate good food together, we camped out, harvested and filmed the following video at Rodgers Greens and Roots Organic Farm with Chef Chris Edwdards. to celebrate good food. Local food grown the right way sustains communities, regenerates the natural ecosystem, and overflows with quality and taste. According to the farmer and the chef, this bounty should not only be in Atlanta’s best restaurants, but in ALL of Atlanta's home kitchens too. In the words of Chef Chris, “There’s great opportunity to support local agriculture. If you have the mindset to try new things, the food is so good, you’ll have to try to mess it up!”

Who better to talk to about good food than a local farmer and a local chef? Last fall, we spent a weekend camping and filming at Signal Mountain Farm with Parnass and Rod of Talat Market - a locally sourced Thai pop-up

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