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A note from Zac...

I love my job! I get to have crop planning meetings with farmers that help shape the local food movement in our great state, and then help bring that planning to life by talking with them each week to build your baskets in response to what's coming in most fresh.  I get to see Community Supported Agriculture in action every day.  That's all because you've chosen to use Fresh Harvest to fill your grocery needs.  Don't forget, speaking of FH customers, Michael Wall from Georgia Organics said, "You are participating in a revolutionary food system that is separate and distinct."  Thank you for taking a minute to understand that process a bit more! 

As you saw, we have updated our pricing structure to increase flexibility when choosing to support local with your weekly basket while ensuring FH can continue to operate in a sustainable way.  There are several reasons that we're doing this at this time:

  • We want to reduce the price of our baskets.  Increasing accessibility to high quality veggies across the state of Georgia is very important to us.
  • Have you seen our value of a dollar post?  FH pays an average of $0.52 out of every dollar to our farmers.  Industry standard is $0.08.  We want to keep smashing the standards.

  • We want to reward customers committed to supporting the local food movement with more of their grocery budget, and these changes pass along savings to them.

  • We think sustainable packaging is really important.  Cleaning reusable bins is worth it.  Home compostable bags are worth it.  We've talked about many of these efforts in detail in other places, but that will only be a greater emphasis moving forward.

  • We want to make the pricing of the items in your basket more clear, which is why we're separating the cost it takes for us to deliver.

  • Our delivery cost has gone up by over 30% in the past year.  As you know, it's painful to pull up to a gas pump these days.  Our fleet team does it 15 times a day.  All the more reason to get that fully electric fleet out on the road ASAP!

  • Kale, mustard greens, broccoli, breakfast radishes, ginger, bok choy, and many other tasty treats have seen a cost increase of 33% over the past two years and our basket prices haven't changed since 2016.  All the inputs our farmers use cost more these days and we believe it's worth every penny.

  • There aren't many items in your basket that will ever ride on a big truck, but for those organic heirloom apples from Washington the trip has gotten much more expensive over the past year.

  • As in all companies, logistics especially, the secret to success is a great team.  While the cost of labor is increasing in our current economy, we want to be the best place in the world to work.  That means we can't let Amazon steal any of our awesome delivery drivers and basket packers.  We want FH to continue to be the largest employer of refugees in Clarkston.  The diversity of our table can't only be about the varieties of vegetables, but must also be represented in the people who sit at it.

We were scheduled to make this update in March of 2020, but, for millions of worldwide reasons, that wasn't going to happen.  I hope the factors above are clarifying, but if you ever have any questions or just want to know more about the FH story, please reach out to me directly any time (zac@freshharvestga.com).

Much love,


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