Fresh Harvest is your direct partnership with local, organic farmers and the health they can provide you.

We simply gather up their produce and deliver it to your door. This is most convenient and most fresh. This is automated healthy eating. This is supporting self-sustaining, organic farmers from right down the road. This is changing the city of Atlanta through a local movement called Share the Harvest. Learn more about our goal to promote honor with the first fruits of our produce.


Wondering how this stuff works? Here's a look into the basics of your basket.

Meet The Farmers

We slept in their fields and ate our meals from their harvest. Meet a few of the local farmers that put the food on our tables.


We want to act out what we say we believe. Here's the story behind our efforts to serve our city.

How it Works

Life Basket Illustration


An FH partner farmer harvests your produce.

Personal Packing Aficionados

The FH Crew shakes hands with him/her and then starts packing your basket full of the goods you ordered for the week.

Your Door

Your FH deliverer sets your bin at the door of your home or office.

Your Table

You gather around a table with friends and family to share the meal.



This Week's Harvest

Arugula - Atlanta Harvest, GA Kohlrabi - Rise and Shine Farm, GA Mustard Greens - Atlanta Harvest, GA
Sweet Peppers - Veggie Patch, GA Persimmon - Watsonia Farm, SC  Fallglo Tangerines - Uncle Matt's Farm, FL
Fresh Herbs - Veggie Patch, GA Eggplant - Rise and Shine Farm, GA Golden Sweet Tangerines - Uncle Matt's, FL
Sweet Potatoes - Mildsberry Farm, GA Grape Tomatoes - Dayspring Farm, GA Anjou Pears - Stemilt Farm, WA
Gala Apples - Stemilt Farm, WA Yellow Onion - Peri and Sons Farm, NV Collard Greens - Watsonia Farm, SC
Red Leaf Lettuce - Veggie Patch, GA Red Radish - Rise and Shine Farm, GA Butternut Squash - Watsonia Farm, SC

Featured Items

El Corazon Blend - Thrive Farmers, GA Coho Salmon - Finn Direct, GA Condor's Ruin - Manyfold Farm, GA

FH Community  Use the hashtag #freshharvestga to join the potluck!